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Are YOU Awake YET{?} 7/29/20

In this blog segment I will leave a few links for your daily red-pill dose. I highly recommend that you look through them and read or view(videos) carefully.


Our Republic and Sovereignty IS AT STAKE!!

I am doing my most diligent work and research to bring you truths and exposing the SATANIC DECEPTION for which their agenda is to DESTROY ALL Sovereign countries and ENSLAVE MANKIND. {The WHY}

You will find I will be creating a few blog post throughout the week so as to not overwhelm you and for easy digestion to the "NEW EYES" coming aboard the "The Great Awakening"

If you have someone in your circles that may be on the fence or is utterly confused, please send them here so they will have access without all the chaos and other junk on other Social Media. This will help sift through all that.

I will try to link the articles according to their relevancy and theme per blog post.

Please read thoroughly and carefully to avoid making assumptions and presumptions. You DECIDE and THINK for yourself.

The first link is the the White House Petition to Have POTUS sign an EO to stop MANDATORY Vaccines. We only need a little more than 1600 signatures as of this moment. 98,000+ only since July 25th. So quite the traction!

As most know by now, the EVIL Elites want to enslave us but {The HOW} is taking many forms. It's as if they are throwing many things out there to see what the SHEEPLE will accept or cave to. Such as Nano Tech/Micro chip filled Vaccines(Bill Gates), Brain Implants(In the works, as we speak) with Elon Musk and Mark Zukerberg) They love to wrap these new Technologies in a nice pretty package and as a "Must Have". All Tech devices and Social Media Platforms today are a prime example of this(It is ALL SpyTech. NO EXCEPTIONS!!). They dish it out slowly and make you think it's all just the way the world works. Once you realize this... you would and SHOULD avoid any offers of the tech be planted in your body! They control it all and CAN and WILL do whatever they want to you. The Radio Frequencies interfere with your natural Brainwaves and THEY can put whatever command they want to be sent to your brain, like thoughts that are NOT YOUR OWN!. I'll leave the rest to your own discernment!

Lets Start Here: (Screenshot only: See link Below)

Link to above screenshot. Please LISTEN carefully to Bill Gates! IN HIS OWN WORDS!!

BillGatesFoundation Negotiates A 100 MILLION Dollar Contract 6 months BEFORE Covid19

Things that make you go HMMMM???

I will try to have more up tomorrow (7/30/20) or in a day or so.

Thank you for visiting and please share my site and visit me on Twitter @157AmazingGrace

God Bless each and everyone of you!

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