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Coordinated Effort to Take Down One of THE BIGGEST THREATS To America

July 25, 2020


JTFV Is an Incredibly Powerful Coordinated Effort to Take Down One of THE BIGGEST THREATS To America

"Joint Task Force Vulcan is a Coordinated Effort to Dismantle and Destroy MS-13"

When I found this article and realized that this Task Force has been in the works since about 2017, I couldn't contain my excitement of the Implications this Coordinated effort will have on many victims, potential victims and society on the whole!!

I know someone VERY CLOSE to me that was targeted by these evil scum, but managed escape their targeting and then some.

With all things coming to light with the Deep State and those pulling the strings behind the scenes we can see quite the connection with the INVASION of this GANG activity as being a DELIBERATE INVASION allowed by the "ELITE" un-elected officials in an effort to take down AMERICA for their One World Government Control. These are NO LONGER "Conspiracy Theories" They ARE being exposed for what they had planned for decades upon decades.... to ANY Sovereign Nation

Please take a couple of minutes to read the article(link below)

It is a short but POWERFUL article and shows all Departments involved with this Task Force. (Quite Stunning)

Have a wonderful day! May God Bless and Keep you!

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