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Psychopathic Criminal Culture Of The Satanic Elite 7/31/20

Q is Military Intel Led by POTUS. Information is given to us by a back channel (DeepWeb) that started on 4Chan then to 8Chan and Now on 8Kun. It is NOT a "Far Right Conspiracy Theory."

The Internet content is mostly controlled by these Evil Elites and will only show or promote THEIR ideology which is Communist/Totalitarianism in nature.

This is why I say stick with what I will give you for now and then at some point in the future you will be able to discern what is a lie and what is truth.

If you are NEW to this movement, you CAN and WILL be easily swayed to believe their Serpent lies.

This is a World Wide Movement for TRUTH and to Take down these Tyrannical Scum. And I, among MANY, have been here since the Military Intel of this Plan went public (Oct. 28, 2017) so that WE THE PEOPLE can Fight back along with our Intel agency that has ALL their DIRTY DEEDS recorded.

It is ALL being exposed and THEY are FIGHTING LIKE HELL (Death Blossom) to censor this info and to Call it a "Conspiracy Theory" It is anything but that!

MY LATEST VIDEO: (Not on YT) Please watch it from my personal link:

The Intel Drop Below May be hard to understand right now. Please be patient and you will come to know. This is a rundown of how the Corrupt are running their OPERATION to gain back THEIR EVIL POWER.

One of the biggest MIL_INTEL that was dropped last night!:

Psychopathic Criminal Culture Of The Satanic Elite

Sealed Indictments: 182,771

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